• <transcy>Wayuu Art</transcy>

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<transcy>Beach bags</transcy>

<transcy>Crochet bags</transcy>

Palma Bags

Chic Bags

<transcy>Colombian Craftsmanship</transcy>

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<transcy>Your Feedback ♡</transcy>

"She is here and she is SO stunning!!! Thank you!"
<transcy><b>Michelle, Germany</b></transcy>

<transcy>Your Feedback ♡</transcy>

"It is gorgeous!! Thank you so much!"
<transcy>Lilia, Greece</transcy>

<transcy>Your Feedback ♡</transcy>

"Love the bag! Thank you!!"
<transcy>Lara, Croatia</transcy>

buy a bag - make a change

Through the fair pay for their artful bags the Wayuu Indians can secure their livelihood and their traditional handicraft is preserved. In addition, co&amor donates 20% of the profits to projects that improve the lives of the Wayuu.
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<transcy>Our history</transcy>

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